Barclays Beyond D&AD

Beyond is my response to a brief to create a money management app for people who have Neurodivergence, following the D&AD Brief, I have created a prototype app

Beyonds overarching concept is to protect your money each month by outlining what your financial commitments are within the app. This can be changed on the fly however, the app will then inform you of how much availability of funds you have outside of your pre-existing commitments with the ability to decline withdrawals if you’re trying to use funds which are allocated elsewhere. 


This concept is more than just a mental health application to protect the vulnerable and, I believe it would help; addicts, the Elderly (to prevent them becoming exploited), people with money management issues, gamblers etc.  With the aim that it would in the short-term teach people sound financial logic, by giving them an element of control with their finances via budgeting. This would further protect an extra amount to aid successful payment of direct debits which are subject to change each month. 

Completed Concept: March 2023
Client: Barclays Bank via D&AD